Video Creation

Creating video jingles, infosets and breathing videos for conventions

VJ EVENT creates aesthetic audiovisual commas for your plenary sessions (entering/exiting the room, going on stage, film launch, etc.). They can also be broadcast by a vj to energize your convention.

These can be supplemented with infodecors and breathing videos.

Promotional videos

VJ Event highlights your products or services in a dynamic and aesthetic way.

Ideal for your stands at trade shows, boosting your in-store POS and astonishing people during your product launches.

Featured Video

Creation of a
video for Total from photo portraits

Atmospheric videos

Our audiovisual creations allow you to dress the space of your events in order to create multisensory atmospheres combining images, sound design and fragrances.

Featured video

Creation of an ambient video for the presentation of the fragrances of an Armani perfume[ /vc_column_text]


Plenaries: – Konica-Minolta (Actamedia Pebrok) – Infra SNCF (A-blok Agency for Signature Event) – Total (CWT) – Boursorama (A-Blok) – La Banque Postale: PACS 2015 – Toyota

Trade shows: – Hitachi (Bambuck) – Schröder (First Event) – Logitech and Bowers & Wilkins (A-blok Agency) – InterfaceFloor (Eko Events) – Matfer Bourgeat

Atmosphere videos: – Armani (JB Prod) – S.N.C.F (Agence A-blok) – Pharmaceutical laboratory (Agence Paradiso) – GSK (Agence Volcanic)

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