Welcome to the VJ EVENT website, the visual and sound creation studio specializing in the production of event contents (v-jaying, video creation, 2D and 3D architectural mapping). We also design and use innovative video broadcasting means.

You will find information on our services and news about the VJ EVENT studio events.

VJ EVENT : Mixe vj en temps réelV-jaying

Real-time video mixes allow you to interactively animate the venue in accordance with the graphic line of the advertiser.

Mapping vidéoVideo mapping

The studio imagines and creates unique and spectacular in situ installations through architectural, scenic or object mapping.

Création vidéoVideo creation

The creation of jingles and graphic backdrops gives a remarkable visual dimension to your events.

Diffusion vidéoVideo broadcast

Discover designe and innovative technical broadcasting means for stores, showrooms, trade fair stands and events.

VJ EVENT’s approach

Here is an overview of the VJ Event methodology :


We meet or you submit your request to us by email.

Analysis of your request

VJ Event analyzes your brief and possibly asks you for a additional details.

Brain Storming

VJ Event submits a detailed project to you with a description, a moodboard or simulations.

Project validation

We validate the project together and then implement it on the day.

Featured video

Live recording: original creation of a mapping in the lounge of the Grand Hôtel Intercontinental in Paris

What if we imagined together the visual animation of your event?


By carefully istening to you, VJ Event takes your brief and we build up your project together.


Based on your brief, VJ Event offers you a project in the form of a storyboard or video simulation.

D Day

It is the big day! VJ Event implements the video scenography set with the previously validated content.

By the numbers

VJ EVENT it is :

more then 600

vj mixes


years of existence

More then 20000



video mappings

My profile

Graduated from the Gobelins school, I have been working as a video jockey (vj) and video and multimedia designer for fifteen years. Multidisciplinary and versatile, I participated to experimental video projects and carried out photographic and graphic artistic projects.

In 2001, I created Kablevision, a Parisian vj collective made up of visual jockeys and dj’s. Musically open, Kablevision worked on audio-visual projects in relation with djs and groups of different styles. The collective also hosted its own parties in Paris.

I participated in the Vidéa 2001 festival in Barcelona and I presented my work several times at Project 101 in Paris, where I made my Video Jockey debut in 2000. In 2004, I participated in the first v-jay festival in Paris, Av Flux, as well as at the festival des

Réseaux de la création. I multiplied my appearances in 2006 and 2007 on the Parisian and international scene by performing in galleries, at festivals (Les Bruits Défendus, Festival Cinematek 2005 de Codamag, Festival international de V-jaying Lux 2006 – Seville, Festival Protoclip , Vision-r festival 2007) and parties.

In early 2005, I founded the visual creation studio VJ Event, one of the first structures to offer professional v-jaying services for the world of events. In addition to participating in public events (Tournée Fun Radio, Back to school by NRJ at the Zenith, Technoparade 2010 and 2012, Before at the Musée du Quai Branly), I performed as a v-jaying and offered mapping services for brands (Vespa, Mont Blanc, Mini, Sony, Reebok, L’Oréal, Allianz, Relais & Chateaux …).

I have more than five hundred events to my credit. I ensure both the artistic direction, the production of content and its broadcast (certified video operator Modulo Pi, Resolume, Madrix).

Photo de profil Florian RAFFENNE

What ourcustomers say

Thank you so much for your email and it was SUCH a pleasure to work with you. The client was super happy with what was produced, and I really enjoyed being part of your creative process.
Thank you again for everything and hopefully we will get to work with you again!

Please can I mirror Florry’s sentiments below – it was an absolute pleasure to work with you and your performance/ content was fantastic!
Thank you for everything and I hope to work with you again in the future!

V-jaying for the Asahi Rugby World Cup launch event

Florry Saunders & Leanne Farrell – Fuse UK

The VJ was like the screen … Monumental!

Vj MIX at The U-Arena La Défense for Axa

Cedric Benquet – FC2 Agency

First of all, thank you very much for your performance and that of the DJ at the seminar last week.
The customers really appreciated it as well as Justine who gave me her feedback.

Arkopharma seminar

Marion Pincêtre – Gens d’événement

The big boss of R&C took me with both hands and said looking me in the eye: “Thank you, it was perfect, beautiful. I know it was not easy, I know you have invested a lot and I thank you very much “. The same goes for my direct client Ariameetis who was in heaven.
I give you this thank you.
It was a PLEASURE working with you. Everyone had their place, their role to play.
We took on a big challenge given the time and budget we had.

Mapping in New-York for Relais & Chateaux

David Delassus – A-blok

It was a little late and from the bottom of my bed that I wanted to thank you all for this successful operation.
It is thanks to our teamwork that we achieved the set objectives = happy guests, satisfied board members and 3 wonderful evenings.

Inauguration of Club Med Valmorel

Helène Demade

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