Mapping sur bâtiment : “Fleming en lumière”, a popular success

Mission for a video mapping on a building: Video creation and video mix in real time

Advertiser: Valophis Group

Location: Bonneuil – Val-de-Marne

Date: December 16, 2014

Agency: PLieux d’Emotions

Artistic Director Agency: Timothé Fesch-Toury

Technical service provider: Kubevent

Audiovisual production: 4d Crea

Vj Event team: 1 Motion designer/vj

Broadcast system: Projection on building facade 40 m wide Modulo Pi

Vj mix on building facade

Sound and light show on the Fleming bar in Bonneuil – Val-de-Marne Saturday October 3, 2015
More than 2,000 participants celebrated the revival of the République district in Bonneuil.

The sound, light and video show “Fleming en lumière” brought life to the gigantic Fleming bar in Bonneuil, slated for demolition. The 2,000 spectators present were able to see the faces of the inhabitants, listen to their moving testimonies and attend vj sets .

It was a first step in the rebirth of the district of the Republic

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