Real-time Artistic & Mixed vj portrait gallery for Laboratoire Roche in Hamburg

Mission: Video creation around the theme of painting and art, mix vj with integration of photos and videos in real time, creation and distribution of frescoes of portraits

Location: Curio Haus in Hamburg

Date: October 29, 2014


Advertiser: Roche Laboratories

Production time: 9 days

Team: 2 Motion designer/ 1 Vj

Broadcast system: Projection on 7 large format screens of two different streams managed in real time by the vj

Artistic & Real-time vj mix for Roche Laboratories in Hamburg

Context :

For an event at the Curio Haus in Hamburg, isiQom wanted to offer participatory activities around art and painting. The agency imagined the creation of an interactive portrait gallery.

Benefit :

Guests were photographed and participated in flipbook videos. The photos and videos were then communicated to the vj who broadcast them processed live with different effects. The portraits were also reworked by an artist and these works were integrated by a motion designer into After Effects templates in order to create frescoes.

Photo credit: Séverine Gustin

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    Past events, Real-time photo gallery, V-jaying