Emulator DJ MIX & VJ mix for Schneider Electric

Mix dj emulator & vj at the Deauville International Center for Schneider Electric

CCE Organization called on Vj Event for the sound and visual animation of the closing evening of the 2012 Schneider Electric convention in Deauville.
A dj girl mixed on the emulator rear-projection touch screen, accompanied by a real-time video mix on the theme of Hi-tech and light.

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Mission: DJ mix on emulator touch screen and realization of a video mix in real time (V- jaying) with Full HD SDI mixer

Location: International Center of Deauville

Agency: CEC Organization

Advertiser: Schneider Electric

Production time: 3 days

Team: 1 Motion designer/vj – 1 Dj girl on Emulator (Touch screen projection)

Broadcasting system: SDI video mixer / Tactile Surface dj Emulator / 3 Led walls

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