Vj/dj mix during the Before at the Musée du Quai Branly

Mission: Real-time video mix presenting the collections of the Kanak exhibition

Location: Quai Branly Museum – Paris

Production: Project Octopus

Production time: 3 days

Team: 1 vj / 1 dj

Diffusion system: Projection

Before the Quai Branly Museum

As part of the Before of the exhibition “Kanak, Art is a Word”, we performed a live DJ and VJ.

Pioneer of the French electronic scene and former resident of the Rex Club, Chris Honorat (Chaotik Ramses) lived several years in Tahiti and mixed in New Zealand and New Caledonia with local artists. The Quai Branly museum invited him for a live show resulting from the encounter between his universe combining rave energy and minimal melodies, and that of New Caledonian music.

Florian Raffenne from the visual and sound creation studio VJ Event accompanied him with a performance of v-jaying, artistic mixing of image flows in real time.
The bet was to animate in real time the still images of the Museum’s collections (masks, ridge spire, sculptures).

The result: a surprising mix fusing primitive elements and contemporary textures.

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