Mapping architectural à New-York

Prestation de mapping video architectural à New-York

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Mission: Design of a video mapping on the theme of spring in New York

Location: Gotham Hall New York

Agency: A-BLOK

Production time: 1 month

Team: 1 Project Manager, 1 Matte Painter, 2 2d Motion Designers, 1 3D designer

Broadcast system: Pandora’s Box


Architectural Mapping in New-York

As part of a gala dinner at the Ghotam Hall in New York, VJ EVENT created a mapping on the theme of spring. Three scenes blending matte painting, realistic and dreamlike elements introduced the dishes services (morels, asparagus, sweets, …).

[galleryview id=3 showPanels=true showFilmstrip=true pane panelScale=crop transitionSpeed=800 transitionInterval=4000 fadePanels=true frameWidth=60 frameHeight=40 filmstripPosition=bottom pointerSize=8 frameScale=nocrop frameGap=5 frameOpacity=0.3 easingValue=swing navTheme=light startFrame=1 pauseOnHover=true]

Three scenes of one minute 30 each immersed the guest in an urban and marine atmosphere, before the nature resumed her rights over the city, concluded by a final flight of butterflies and petals.

The mapping was projected using two projectors (one for the columns, one for the background) at a resolution of 1944 by 1920 pixels via a Pandora’s box system. [jwplayer mediaid=”2090″]

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