Architectural Mapping in New-York

Mission: Design of a video mapping on the theme of spring in New York

Location: Gotham Hall New York

Agency: A-BLOK

Production time: 1 month

Team: 1 Project Manager, 1 Matte Painter, 2 2d Motion Designers, 1 3D designer

Broadcast system: Pandora’s Box

Architectural Mapping in New-York

As part of a gala dinner at the Ghotam Hall in New York, VJ EVENT created a mapping on the theme of spring. Three scenes blending matte painting, realistic and dreamlike elements introduced the dishes services (morels, asparagus, sweets, …).

Three scenes of one minute 30 each immersed the guest in an urban and marine atmosphere, before the nature resumed her rights over the city, concluded by a final flight of butterflies and petals.

The mapping was projected using two projectors (one for the columns, one for the background) at a resolution of 1944 by 1920 pixels via a Pandora’s box system.

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