Architectural 2d /3d Video mapping in Marrakech

Private Event: Architectural 2D/3D Mapping in Marrakech

Artist: Shakira

Location: Mandarin – Marrakech

Mission: Creation of a 10 minutes architectural mapping on the theme of the four elements
on a 60 meters long and 20 m high building

Production time: 1 month

Team: an artistic director, an assistant da, 7 2 d motion designers, two 3D designers , two sound designers

Technical provider: Utram PACA

Broadcast system: Pandora’s Box, 5 projectors Christie Roadie HD 1080 HD 35 K[/aside]

VJ EVENT created a 2d/3d mapping of 10 minutes on the theme of the four elements for a private event taking place in Marrakech.
Projected on a 60 meters long building , the bet was to achieve in a record time, one month, a mapping with 2d & 3d elements.

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