Dunhill Master Blend Casablanca – Aroma V-Jaying

Dunhill Master Blend Casablanca – Aroma V-Jaying

Smell, watch and listen.

Event : Dunhill Master Blend Casablanca

Mission: Create a multisensory environment to retrace the history of the brand

Location: Casablanca – Morocco

Client: Dunhill

Agency: Music is my life

Production Time: 1 week

Team: 1 vj / motion designer, a DJ, an aromatic vjay

Broadcasting system : data-video switcher , dj system, 3 D LED modules and XL system for diffusing fragrances

The challenge was to tell the story of the brand through a video mix, sound effects and the diffusion of fragrances corresponding to the different tobacco blends used by the brand. The time of one hour, Dunhill has invited its guests to discover this unique multisensory experience.

The fragrances were diffused instantly in a large space in synchronisation with the video and sound, the set-up brought the guests on an amazing journey around the planet through five destinations and five fragrances :
London : Fragrance : Swing | Musique : Saint-Germain – Easy to remember
Brazil : Fragrance : Monoïmaniaque | Musique : Tive Razao – Seu Jorge / Gilberto Gill – Toda Menina Baiana
Greece : Fragrance : Scuba Diving | Musique : Kinobe – Slip Into Something More Comfortable / The Funky Lowlives – Nota Bossa / Paco de Lucia – Entre Dos Aguas
Orient : Fragrance : Ayurveda | Musique : Anni Rose – Tulku / Zeava Ben – What Will Be
Virginia : Fragrance : Manhattan Design | Musique : Count Basie – Jumpin’ At The Woodside / Duke Ellington – Take The A Train

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