Matfer-Bourgeat’s Bicentenary

Mission: Video creation and production of a real-time video mix presenting the history and products of Matfer-Bourgeat

Location: Matfer factory in Longny-au-Perche and Salon Equip Hôtel

Date: June 6, 2014 and November 6-10, 2014

Agency: Novell’Art

Production time: 14 days

Team: 1 Motion designer/vj

Diffusion system: LED wall and lcd screen walls

Vj mix during the Matfer-Bourgeat bicentenary party and creation of a promotional video during the Equip Hôtel 2014 trade show

Context :

Matfer Bourgeat is a French industrial company, world leader in small equipment for kitchens and professional laboratories, present all over the world. Matfer celebrated its 200th anniversary in 2014 during a grand evening orchestrated by Novell’Art at the Matfer Bourgeat factory, which was to be transformed into a gala hall.

Benefit :

The agency called on Vj Event to animate the LED video walls live during the evening with tailor-made video content telling the story and highlights of the brand and featuring the products.

The video loops created upstream were adapted and used to produce a promotional video broadcast during the Equip Hôtel 2014 show.

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