Mapping and v-jaying: “Paris Lumières” evening for a large international insurance group

Mapping on structure and Led triumphal arch

Led triumphal arch – Mapping and v-jaying on structure

Mission: Creation of a welcome video mapped on an LED triumphal arch, Mapping on a structure representing the roofs and monuments of Paris and real-time video mixing

Location: Electric in Paris

Agencies: Novell’Art for Lafayette Event

Client: A large international insurance company

Production time: 15 days

Team: 1 Motion designer/vj

Diffusion systems: LED wall in the shape of the Arc De Triomphe – Projection on a wooden cutout representing the roofs and certain monuments of Paris

Context :

This major international insurance group has brought together its best partners and agencies, 700 people from Europe for one of the most prestigious incentive trips to the French capital, the city of lights. This is the theme that was chosen for their first Parisian evening, having taken place at the Electric with a breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower. Novell’art was chosen by Lafayette Event to create and offer animations around this theme and provide the associated technical service.

Benefit :

Novell’Art entrusted VJ Event with the creation of a welcome video broadcast on a LED wall at the entrance to the Electric. Guests passed under an Arc de Triomphe, animated by multiple visual effects, changing lights and digital fireworks.

During the cocktail party, a live mapping show was performed on a wooden structure. The cutout represented a decor of the roofs and monuments of Paris on which images created for this purpose were projected.

The evening ended with a concert by a young French star of great renown.

Evening “Paris Lumière” at Electric from Novell’Art on Vimeo.

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